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What Equipment Do You Need In a Commercial Kitchen?

Opening up a new restaurant? There are a million things to think about, as well as no 2 restaurants will run precisely similarly. One essential part includes making a dining establishment cooking area devices listing that shows your company’s needs. A dining establishment’s equipment aids make sure that your group can prep, cook, cook, clean as well as generally perform the culinary elements of the dining establishment, everyday.

This dining establishment kitchen equipment listing has the primary kinds of restaurant devices you’ll need to run an industrial kitchen area. This list includes detail on all the adhering to vital dining establishment kitchen things:

  • Ovens
  • Stove
  • Mix ovens
  • Pizza stoves
  • Conveyor ovens
  • Varieties as well as ventilation
  • Gas ranges
  • Electric varies
  • Ventilation
  • Food processors
  • Set bowl cpus
  • Continual feed food processors
  • Buffalo choppers
  • Mixers
  • Hand mixers
  • Counter top mixers
  • Floor mixers
  • Slicers
  • Food prep counters as well as reducing boards
  • Freezers as well as refrigerators
  • Security tools
  • Storage racks and shelving
  • Dining establishment cooking area supplies
  • Servingware
  • Storage space containers
  • Sinks
  • Area sinks
  • Bar sinks
  • Disposal sinks
  • Drop-in systems
  • Handwashing sinks
  • Mop sinks
  • Portable sinks
  • Cooking Area Display System (KDS).
  • Dining establishment factor of sale system.
  • Vapor tables.
  • Cleaning devices.
  • Honing rocks.
  • Microwave.
  • Ice makers.
  • Gas or barbecue grill.

Your dining establishment tools checklist is an essential item of planning your brand-new endeavor, as well as it’ll help you build out the expenses area of your restaurant company plan. For advice on creating a business strategy, check out the theme listed below.

Things to Consider Before Investing In Dining Establishment Cooking Area Equipment.

Restaurants need a lot of equipment to operate. When equipping your dining establishment’s kitchen, you’re going to be handling a comprehensive restaurant kitchen area equipment list. There’s much to be done, yet don’t rush right into buying restaurant equipment as well rapidly. Take a while to consider what you need for your space as well as your restaurant type, what you can pay for, and also who you intend to buy it from.

When acquiring dining establishment kitchen area devices, look for top quality items that will certainly take on continuous usage throughout the years. Think about utilizing restaurant financing to make the purchase much more workable. See to it the restaurant kitchen tools items you select make good sense for your kitchen format and the flow you visualize for the real food preparation.

Before tackling your dining establishment kitchen area equipment checklist, consider the following:.

1. High quality.
When getting restaurant kitchen area tools, begin by taking a look at the quality. Take into consideration whether the tools is brand new or made use of. If it’s new, is it from a reputable maker? Where is it made? What is it made from? If you’re considering acquiring the devices utilized, take into consideration just how old the equipment is, where it’s coming from, and what kind of form it remains in. Make sure to have a look at the devices personally prior to making the purchase so that you can inspect the appearance and function for any type of imperfections. Take into consideration which kinds of dining establishment equipment you’ll be using usually. For those things, buy the highest-quality you can manage.

2. Space Consideration.
Prior to you buy restaurant devices, invest time checking out your restaurant cooking area’s blueprints. Think about just how your group will certainly move around in the area and also take into consideration how your dining establishment kitchen ought to be laid out. Find out how much space you’ll have for every little thing you need. The objective is to have an efficient format that flows well without being excessively crowded. Do not forget to inspect the measurements of every piece of equipment to guarantee you can fit everything through the doors and into the kitchen.

3. Prices.
Pricing is an essential factor to consider when getting restaurant tools. Initially, consider which pieces of equipment are essential to you. The restaurant cooking area devices that you recognize you’ll utilize on a daily basis warrants a higher cost, given that you’ll want to opt for far better high quality on those. For the others, think of ways you could conserve some cash money, such as by looking for multipurpose devices that can do several work in one. An instance is a mix stove, which can cook by convection, steam, or a combination of both. One more means to obtain a great price is to purchase utilized– just be sure you extensively inspect the equipment before purchasing.

4. Alleviate in Using as well as Cleaning.
Whatever restaurant kitchen equipment you acquire, it requires to make sense for chefs to make use of everyday. Enjoy videos, speak with the sales associates, and also try to see the equipment at work in order to establish if it will be easy to use every day. Think about ergonomics, simplicity of opening and closing doors, storage options, and also any kind of technical functions, which could be either practical or tough to operate. When it involves cleansing, take a while to examine just how to clean up the equipment daily, weekly, and month-to-month to make sure that you can effectively prepare side work for staff. Equipment made from stainless steel is specifically very easy to maintain and also decreases the possibility of harboring harmful bacteria. Seek the NSF icon to ensure tools fulfills safety accreditations.

5. Choosing the Right Provider.
Selecting the right dining establishment cooking area tools supplier goes a long way in making sure that you obtain top quality tools you can trust. The very best distributors will assist walk you with devices choice with lots of sources and also without providing you a high-pressure salesmanship. In addition, make certain to inquire about aid with installation in addition to plans on maintenance and repair solutions for the unavoidable day when your equipment needs service.

6. Working With a Dining Establishment Kitchen Organizer.
Especially if you’re developing a new dining establishment or totally restoring the kitchen area, working with a specialist dining establishment kitchen area coordinator can be a terrific assistance in finding out the sort of dining establishment kitchen area devices you need. A restaurant kitchen coordinator will certainly speak with you regarding your concept and menu, then help develop a kitchen that makes sense for your space as well as the food you’ll be cooking. They can also help steer you far from kitchen devices that you don’t need, saving you priceless room and cash.

7. Checking for Leasing Choice.
Opening a restaurant is costly, and also getting restaurant kitchen devices is no exemption. Leasing dining establishment equipment can be a good alternative as part of your dining establishment organization strategy. Leasing enables you to pay month-to-month for your dining establishment tools instead of simultaneously, saving you some capital for other expenses. Lease settlements might also be tax-deductible as an organization general expenses.

An additional advantage of renting restaurant cooking area tools is the opportunity to return the equipment at the end of the lease term. If company is booming, after that you possibly additionally have a buy-out choice, relying on your lease terms and credit scores. Prospective drawbacks are that not all tools and also supplies get approved for leasing, like flatware and also cleaning products. You might additionally have to deal with high rates of interest and early termination fees.

Ultimate Restaurant Cooking Area Devices Listing.

Restaurant Cooking Equipment.

When equipping your dining establishment, kitchen equipment is important. Nevertheless, a restaurant’s cooking area is the heart of the operation. Make certain you consider your food selection and what you’ll be cooking from day to day to establish which items on your restaurant kitchen devices list are most important for your kitchen area. The complying with list is indicated to offer an introduction of different sorts of cooking equipment that you may need for your dining establishment, with various choices for each classification.

1. Stoves.

Stoves are possibly the first things that come to mind when you consider restaurant cooking equipment. Yet unlike domestic ovens, commercial ovens are developed with higher power outcomes and higher capacities for food preparation throughout the day, each day.

Oven Objective.
There are many different types of business ovens, as well as the sort of oven you select depends upon what you’ll be cooking. Pick an oven based upon your preferred function. For instance, if you run a pizza restaurant, focus your search on pizza stoves. For many various other restaurants, you can consider multipurpose ovens that can do several tasks at the same time to take full advantage of effectiveness in your space.

Oven Dimension.
Ovens can take up a great deal of space, as well as area is an essential consider industrial kitchens. Think of your cooking area layout to assist decide what you genuinely have space for. Then, determine just how much food you imagine food preparation during a common solution to determine what kind of cooking capability you’ll require from your stove.

Stove High quality.
An industrial stove is one kind of dining establishment kitchen area equipment that you won’t want to skimp on. Once you recognize that sort of stove you need, spend time evaluating various brand names, solution agreements, and individual evaluations so you know you’re obtaining the most effective top quality for your financial investment.

Oven Brands.
There are numerous dining establishment oven manufacturers that are understood for quality, consisting of Amana Commercial, Bakers Satisfaction, Blodgett, Hobart, Vollrath, and also Vulcan. Try to find recognized brands like these when shopping for commercial stoves.

Stove are built with inner followers that circulate air around the food itself. This aids to remove hot spots and advertise even more also cooking, which can be specifically beneficial for baked goods like cakes as well as cookies. Convection ovens are likewise beneficial for roasting, toasting and drying out foods.

Mix ovens are a blend of a steamer and also a stove in one. Combination ovens, or combi stoves, can heavy steam, roast, bake and also extra. These come in handy for kitchen areas with minimal room that require some versatility with food preparation.

Pizza ovens focus on just that– cooking pizza. That’s because they can reach really high temperatures best for cooking pizzas rapidly, obtaining that desirable crisp, spotted crust and melty cheese in no time at all.

Conveyor ovens are created for things that call for a particular, paced quantity of time in the stove, such as toasted sandwiches or cheese breads.

2. Arrays and also air flow.

Ranges are effective pieces of dining establishment kitchen area tools, providing the means to prepare a range of products over electrical warmth or a gas-powered flame. Cooks use ranges to fire up food in pans as well as frying pans, bring water to a boil, or simmer sauces.

There are two types of dining establishment kitchen ranges: gas arrays as well as electrical varieties.

Gas varieties.
Gas ranges fuel live flames, which supply even more cooking rate and precision than electric burners. Gas is also a benefit in case of an electrical power failure. However, gas arrays include the danger of fire or gas leaks, and also they can additionally be tougher to clean up.

Electric ranges.
Electric varies provide more even cooking as well as are much easier to maintain clean, however take longer to heat up and run a high power costs.

Air flow.
Regardless of the type of range you select, be sure to plan for proper kitchen ventilation when outlining your dining establishment kitchen. Restaurant kitchens can be crowded and suffocating. Making certain proper airflow will certainly keep the room more comfortable while guaranteeing far better air quality.

When building out a ventilation system, consider the design and dimension of your cooking area. You’ll want an air flow hood to be up to code and also satisfy security policies while providing enough power to relocate air via and also out of the cooking area.

When it pertains to restaurant kitchen air flow, consider ventilation air quantity, which determines the rate at which air is vented through your ducts. Cooking over an open flame on a grill or gas range needs a better air quantity circulation price than cooking pasta or simmering soup. One more facet of air flow to consider is status pressure, or the resistance the air experiences as it relocates via the kitchen area space. Less resistance means a lot more power effectiveness as well as better overall air quality.

3. Food processors.

Food processors are a must in hectic restaurant kitchens, making easy job of cutting, slicing, mixing, blitzing, and blending a variety of ingredients. A mixer comes in handy for making dressings, dips, sauces or simply slicing up veggies.

There are different mixer kinds you can look for when acquiring this kind of kitchen area appliance.

Batch dish cpus.
Batch bowl cpus accumulate the refined food in a consisted of bowl as it processes. This is the same sort of food processor most home chefs are familiar with. Kitchen area team simply pick their recommended blade, go down the food in, and also accumulate it in the included dish.

Continual feed food mill.
Another kind of mixer is the constant feed food processor. This sort of food mill is even more of a workhorse than a set dish cpu, since it runs continually and also the food goes down into a different dish. For an industrial cooking area that needs to refine a good deal of food continuously without stopping to transform out a bowl when it’s complete, this is an usual choice.

Buffalo choppers.
The buffalo chopper not just has the best name of the number, however it is just one of the most effective as well as sturdy mixer you can discover. These are made with all steel components, including a superficial dish and also a dish cover hiding sharp rotating blades durable enough to process meat. Your cooking area might not need a mixer this burly, so consider your menu before buying a buffalo chopper.

When acquiring mixer, there are a couple of even more things to consider:.

Power: Check various food processors’ horse power ratings. The more horsepower a system has, the longer it can power via food handling tasks without decreasing or getting too hot. Also think about RPMs, or turnings per minute, which can impact how successfully the blade cut through food.

Attachments: While there are different kinds of food processors, lots of modern-day designs are combination cpus with options for set bowls, constant feed assemblies, and pushers, along with disc as well as blade kits that can be bought as attachments.

Maker: House cooks recognize with Cuisinart, yet restaurant kitchen areas need brands constructed for commercial usage. Search for food mill brand names like Hobart, Robot Coupe, Waring, and also Electrolux to know you’re obtaining a high-quality product.

4. Mixers.

Dining establishment kitchens with baked things like breads, cakes, or pizzas on the food selection will certainly most likely require an industrial mixer. Business mixers are created to deal with even more frequent use and a higher amount of ingredients at the same time.

Hand mixers.
Hand mixers are portable appliances likewise referred to as stick mixers or immersion mixers, with a lengthy vertical take care of and sharp rotating blades at the bottom. These are optimal for swiftly mixing soups and sauces, slicing up ingredients, or emulsifying dressings without needing to pour the components in a separate mixer or food mill.

Countertop mixers.
Kitchen counter mixers rest on the counter top and also job well for smaller sized bakeries or dining establishments that just need to blend active ingredients periodically. Numerous house chefs have a version of a countertop mixer for breads, cookies, and cakes.

Floor mixers.
Floor mixers are the very best food mixers for bakeries or restaurants– that is, dining establishment cooking areas that need to produce a good deal of dough, batter, or sauce each day. These significant as well as heavy-duty mixers base on the flooring and have the power to mix large amounts of ingredients rapidly.

5. Slicers.

Prepping food in a business kitchen area can be a tedious job. Commercial slicers do the force of the job as well as can save team a great deal of time throughout prep, particularly in cooking areas churning out a great deal of charcuterie platters or delicatessens sandwiches. Food slicers are likewise main pieces of equipment for deli counters in food store or specialized meat and also cheese stores.

When picking the very best food slicer kind for your dining establishment kitchen, consider your menu. If you’ll be frequently slicing meats, cheeses, or produce, choose a design with greater horse power to stand up to constant usage. Likewise, check out the slicer’s blade packages as well as see to it the size works for the type of food you’ll be cutting as well as the end-result you’re looking for. Some slicers include veggie receptacles also. You can also pick automated or hand-operated slicers relying on the operation you prefer.

6. Food prep counters and also reducing boards.

Prep tables, counters, and cutting surfaces are vital to any kind of industrial cooking area as well as come in different sizes. Select preparation surfaces made from stainless steel, which stands up versus deterioration, does not take in microorganisms from food as well as meat juices, and can withstand the harsh cleaning items utilized in industrial kitchen areas.

On the line, you’ll desire food preparation counters that have tiny refrigerators underneath them– often described as reduced kids– for easy access to food prepped for each and every station. Some likewise have actually cooled areas on the counter itself.

As for reducing surface areas, pick either plastic or wood cutting boards. Plastic boards are less complicated to sterilize however can create deep grooves that can conceal microorganisms. Wooden boards are typically tougher to clean than plastic ones but do not develop grooves as quickly.

A color-coded system for cutting boards aids stop cross-contamination. Many dining establishment cooking areas utilize red for meat, yellow for chicken, green for veggies, and blue for fish and fish and shellfish.

7. Fridges freezer and fridges.

All business cooking areas call for a refrigeration system of some type. Without a refrigerator, you can’t keep components and also prepared foods fresh. Freezers are also essential for stock administration. It’s a lot more affordable to get 300 steaks and freeze them than to get 10 steaks daily.

Industrial-grade refrigeration units are developed to satisfy the one-of-a-kind needs of the food market. As an example, they have the capability to cool large pots of sauce to a risk-free temperature in record time, so they’re a key purchase for any type of food dealing with procedure. You’ll have to determine in between reach-in devices as well as walk-in units.

Although walk-in fridges and also freezers have extra storage area– and can be custom-made built to fit any kind of kitchen area– smaller sized dining establishments may not need a walk-in device. There are also exterior refrigeration and also freezing alternatives readily available if interior area is an issue.

Make sure to seek expert installation aid when mounting your refrigeration device, and brush up on upkeep requirements as they can be expensive to fix.

8. Safety and security equipment.

Make sure your kitchen area has proper safety tools. A well-stocked first-aid package or clinical emergency situation set is crucial in an office that works on fire and knives. You’ll additionally need points like fire extinguishers and domed safety and security mirrors that let individuals recognize when someone is rounding an edge. Inspect your neighborhood fire department standards before buying fire, safety and security, or sanitation devices, and also prevent prospective problems by constantly maintaining your kitchen area as much as terminate code standards.

Guaranteeing your personnel wear non-slip shoes and supplying rubber floor mats to stop injury from standing for lengthy hours likewise play a big part in keeping your kitchen area secure.

9. Storage racks as well as shelving.

Correctly mounted shelving can be an excellent service for keeping numerous appliances in your kitchen, along with perishable and also nonperishable foods. An arranged storage space system aids enhance your procedure. Keep the most-used cooking area tools within arm’s reach, as well as the stuff that’s utilized much less frequently on the top and also lower racks. Just make certain the bottom-most rack goes to least 6 inches off the floor to be up to code.

Mobile storage racks are likewise helpful. They’re typically sized to fit 20 standard sheet frying pans and are fantastic for storing as well as delivering food.

10. Restaurant cooking tools.

Consider what restaurant materials you’ll need to implement your whole food selection in one change. Pots of all dimensions, sauté frying pans, tasting spoons, mixing spoons, sheet pans, whisks, fish spatulas, ladles, bowls of all sizes, capture bottles, bench scrapers– the list takes place and varies widely relying on the sort of food you wish to make. You’ll also require more of each product than you assume. While your dishwashing machine might be the most effective one about, there will certainly still be times when all the sauté pans are dirty, even if just for simply a few mins.

11. Servingware.

If there’s absolutely nothing to serve the food on, there’s no restaurant. You’ll require lots of flatware, plateware, bowls, ramekins, cups, and glasses. Consider the variety of tables you can fit in your restaurant and also how many guests you intend to serve every night when factoring in how much to get. Additionally, take into consideration damage. In the disorderly environment of dining establishment cooking areas, it’s not uncommon to shed a plate or glass every few shifts, and also a lot more likely in high-volume operations.

12. Storage space containers.

There’s little that back-of-house workers like more than a new shipment of storage containers. Plastic litre containers, Cambros, as well as hotel frying pans of all shapes and sizes are the bedrock of every preparation and also line chef’s procedure. You’ll additionally require lots of good tape. See to it stays sticky even if it gets a little damp. Maintain a supply of Sharpies available, as well; they’re a should for labeling containers over and over once again.

13. Sinks.

Sinks are essential to any type of restaurant kitchen area. Sinks provide spaces for hand washing, cleaning up produce, defrosting icy meat under running water, and also cleaning the periodic cooking utensil.

Health and wellness authorities generally require business kitchens to set up a triple-sink clean terminal as well as an industrial dishwashing device, as well as at the very least one specialized hand washing sink.

There are a couple of various kinds of sinks located in restaurant kitchen areas.

Area sinks.
Compartment sinks have numerous compartments, usually developed for a rinse sink, a laundry sink as well as a sterilizing sink.

Bar sinks.
Bar sinks are located below bench and also used for discarding out beverages as well as ice. Bars commonly additionally have area sinks for handwashing glasses.

Disposal sinks.
Disposal sinks come with built-in disposals for ease of unloading as well as taking care of food scraps.

Drop-in sinks.
Drop-in systems are made to easily fit into surface openings in counter tops.

Handwashing sinks.
Handwashing sinks are developed particularly for washing hands. This helps reduce cross-contamination from sinks where food scraps as well as other possible microorganisms are present.

Wipe sinks.
Mop sinks are created to rest on the floor, with a reduced tap and drain to fill up or dispose a mop pail.

Portable sinks.
Portable sinks are commonly made use of by mobile vendors, and can come with drains as well as without a tap. Some mobile handwashing sinks featured water containers included.

14. Kitchen Display System (KDS).

Gone are the days of screaming out orders to the kitchen or tacking up hand-written tickets on the line. Many restaurants today make use of a kitchen area display system (KDS) to keep points relocating efficiently in the kitchen area and throughout the entire dining establishment.

Mounted to the wall surface (or on a counter stand), kitchen screen systems allow kitchen area staff to view all open orders on one screen. This makes it easier for the kitchen area to stay organized and also meet orders precisely as well as in a timely manner, all while keeping points relocating according to intend in the front-of-house, too. How? A KDS obtains POS orders in real time, enhancing ordering rate and precision. A KDS can also aggregate all orders from kiosk, on the internet buying, and also third-party channels.

The most effective KDS systems are also sturdy and also developed with hardware that can take care of the warm of the cooking area, ranked for higher temperature levels as well as even more resilient than iPad displays.

15. Point of sale system (POS).

The factor of sale, or restaurant POS system, is vital to a well-functioning restaurant. This system permits waitstaff or front-of-house cashiers to get in customers’ orders into a computer system or tablet computer which connects with the KDS in the cooking area so chefs recognize what to prepare. The POS can also user interface with a cash register, or track customers’ order as well as tally look for payment.

16. Heavy steam table

To maintain sauces and prepped food warm throughout service, the best choice is a vapor table. This kind of tools uses cozy water to maintain food in steel containers warm and at a secure temperature for hrs at a time.

17. Washing equipment

Cleaning equipment, or cleansing devices, is essential in any type of restaurant cooking area. Make sure to lug a good supply of frying pan brushes, sponges, sponges, mops, absorbent hand towels, as well as commercial-grade cleansing remedies.

18. Developing rocks

You’ve spent a lots of cash into your kitchen utensils and every person knows that the even the best knives are only comparable to their last developing. To keep your knives in tip-top shape, buy numerous sharpening stones. This will certainly ensure your prep staff constantly can chop, preparation, and do whatever they need with the best top quality blades.

19. Microwave

With all the cooking area tools required to run a restaurant, microwaves are typically neglected. Yet chances are you are not mosting likely to be cooking each and every single point in your cooking area from the ground up each and every single day as well as you will certainly require an industrial microwave. Microwaves can be found in handy with vapor cooking, reheating pre-cooked products, or defrosting.

20. Ice maker

Whether you’re offering drinks at the bar or ensuring every guest has a cool glass of water when they take a seat, you’re mosting likely to need a trusted business ice device. Try to find an ice equipment with an ice container so that ice is continuously all set for your personnel to utilize at all times. Furthermore, take into consideration the sort of ice you need, such as cube ice or nugget ice, relying on the end use.

21. Gas or electric grill

Aiming to prepare the ideal steak or burger? It will come off the grill (additionally called a griddle). The very best ones come with an included flat frying pan surface developed for making pancakes or barbecuing sandwiches. The major problem when selecting a grill for your dining establishment is room. If you have an outside balcony, you could choose a business outdoor grill, however or else, you will likely be acquiring an interior grill. If having a grill is essential for your dining establishment’s main kind of cuisine, ensure you have the room for it– as well as the air flow for it– when you’re preparing your dining establishment format.

The best way to resource dining establishment equipment

As soon as you understand what you require in your restaurant, it’s time to begin sourcing your restaurant kitchen tools. This can be a frustrating task, especially if you are checking out the cost of purchasing dining establishment kitchen area devices brand-new and all at once. If you are currently working with a dining establishment devices distributor, now is the time to touch their experience. If not, consider sourcing devices from a dining establishment devices store– either online, or at a brick-and-mortar showroom. Ask your peers in the sector for suggestions, also. You may additionally think about getting used dining establishment tools rather than paying the money up front for new things. Check out restaurant tools public auctions for things being sold from restaurants that have lately closed. Or, consider dining establishment tools leasing, which can be good for testing out new concepts or running periodic restaurant pop-ups. Restaurant Business Plan Design Regardless of where you go to in your restaurant possession journey, a business plan will be your north celebrity. Organize your vision and make sure that absolutely nothing is overlooked with this free design template.

The advantages and disadvantages of purchasing made use of dining establishment tools

There are benefits and drawbacks to purchasing made use of restaurant devices. The primary benefit is that you aren’t paying full price for new equipment. Made use of devices is often still in fantastic form and also can conserve you a bundle contrasted to acquiring brand-new. The drawback is that you do not recognize the history of the equipment, if it’s been correctly preserved, or if it really works as it should. Made use of equipment additionally will not be under service warranty any more, so if something breaks, you’re completely in charge of the damages. Have a look at your restaurant kitchen devices list and determine what you could potentially acquire used, such as an oven, as well as what you ought to buy brand-new, like an ice machine or a freezer.

Get the restaurant cooking area devices you require

Getting every little thing on your dining establishment cooking area tools checklist is no small accomplishment. It takes precise preparation, clever budgeting as well as lots of power to accomplish all your restaurant equipment requirements. Make sure to examine your restaurant’s principle as well as menu, and also get a good sense of your restaurant cooking area format before making any purchases. In addition, do your research to learn about the most effective restaurant tools types as well as brand names that will function best for you. Inspecting products off your dining establishment tools list will take time, but recognizing you have what you require for your dining establishment will go a long way in setting you up for success in the future.

Commercial Cooking Equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment is used with catered events, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial food service operations to prepare, heat, and cook food.

Commercial cooking equipment range from large industrial-sized cookers to small countertop appliances. The main function of commercially sized kitchen products is to improve the speed and quality of food preparation, reduce the risk of injury to the people operating the equipment, and keep the kitchen environment clean and safe.

Commercial-grade cooking equipment is designed to be durable and last for years of use.

Stainless steel and cast iron are solid materials that resist damage from frequent use in a restaurant kitchen environment. Many models offer features like self-cleaning and convection, but others may have specific capabilities like a steam injection that comes in handy in certain cooking applications. Some appliances also come with extra safety features to protect your staff.

Commercial Restaurant Products

  • Commercial Deep Fryers
  • Commercial Grills / Griddles
  • Specialty Cooking Equipment Steamers
  • Combi Ovens
  • Steam Kettles
  • Toasters
  • Breakfast Equipment
  • Commercial Broilers

Professional cooking equipment is the lifeblood of any commercial kitchen or catering setup.

Whether you’re running a café, a food kiosk or a popular restaurant, this selection of industrial cooking equipment features machines which save you time, energy and money.

This extensive category includes items designed to excel in every professional catering situation, including reliable catering barbecues for busy outdoor events, rice cookers for high-margin takeaway meals or simply commercial toasters to expand your breakfast menu.